Pre-Built Schedules

Passing Time: Pre-Built Schedules

The following schedules have been pre-built as a convenience for my colleagues. If you import one of these schedules, you can start using the app right away without having to build a calendar or create any classes.


  1. Make sure you’ve already installed Passing Time on your phone and opened it at least once. (If not, click here to get it from the App Store.)
  2. Browse to this page on your phone using Safari.
  3. Find the appropriate link below based on your lunch schedule. Then, tap on the link.
  4. When your phone asks if you want to download the file, tap the “Download” option.
  5. A new icon (a circle with an arrow pointing down) should appear in Safari’s address bar. Tap on it. Then choose “Downloads.”
  6. Your chosen file should appear at the top of the list that pops up. Go ahead and tap on it. Your phone should automatically open Passing Time.
  7. When the app asks if you want to import the schedule, choose the “Replace Schedule” option.
  8. Wait a moment, and the phone should inform you that the import is complete. Your chosen schedule is now installed and activated!

Customization Options

The pre-built schedules use generic class names (Period 1, Period 2, etc.) You can customize these with your actual class names by tapping on the Classes tab at the bottom of the screen and then choosing the period you’d like to rename.

If you’d like to receive a push notification on your phone or watch when a particular class is running out of time, tap on the Classes tab and then choose the desired period. You should see a section on the form labeled “Time Notifications.” The “Warning” option lets you receive a notification when there are a certain number of minutes left (e.g. 5, 15, etc.). The “End of Class” option lets you receive a notification as soon as the class is over. (This can be useful if, say, the bells aren’t working.)

Once you’ve gotten your schedule set up, you can add a widget to your phone’s Home Screen or Lock Screen for quick access to each class’s countdown. And if you have an Apple Watch paired to your phone, can add a countdown complication to your watch face. (Right now, the complication can only be added to the large rectangular area on Modular or Modular Compact, but I will be releasing an update soon with support for most other complication shapes/locations.)


If you have the same lunch every day…

If you have a different lunch on Red Days and Blue Days…