Polar Connection

A Four-in-a-Row Game on a Circular Grid

Polar Connection is an experimental app that asks the question, “What it would be like to play the classic four-in-a-row game on a polar grid?”

The answer, of course, is this:

If you need an explanation of how that would work, check out the tutorial. Otherwise, go ahead and visit the download page to grab a copy of the app. While I did create a PC version of the game years ago, right now I only have a Mac app available. You should be able to run it in macOS 13.0 or later.

If you have a friend, sibling, or unsuspecting acquaintance sitting nearby, you can participate in a two-player game on the same machine. (I hope to one day implement network/internet gameplay. Stay tuned!)

Or, you can try your hand against the computer in a one-player game. Several difficulty levels are available, ranging from an opponent who has no idea what the rules are to one that attempts to use several strategies, including some rudimentary AI, to pick the best move.

As I mentioned earlier, I consider this app to be an experiment. While I think that Polar Connection is an interesting concept, I can’t guarantee that the gameplay isn’t fundamentally flawed, nor can I promise that you won’t encounter a bug or two. In other words, I kindly ask that you treat this app like the beta that it is!