I’ve been a high school teacher for over 10 years. Regardless of the setting, I love helping my students discover new tools, techniques, and processes for thinking about their world and communicating their ideas.

But above all, I really love a good project—especially if it involves a computer. And thus, this website was born. Whether it’s performing a mail merge or installing multiple operating systems, my goal is to share this love of technology and problem-solving with anyone who might be interested. I may share some more personal writing from time to time as well.

And hopefully, just maybe, I’ll get to teach you something along the way!

Follow the links below for my latest posts, and reach out if you ever need help. But above all, thanks for reading.

This website features a variety of essays, walk-throughs, and general musings from the perspective of an English teacher, yearbook adviser, Theory of Knowledge instructor, and part-time web developer.