With a broad academic background in both the science and art of communication, from language acquisition to modern media literacy, I take great interest in all aspects of information and how we convey it. As an English teacher, I have sought to enhance my students’ understanding of their world by describing an author’s voice; as a journalism teacher, I have helped my students understand their own voice by describing their world—in print, online, and beyond.

I am an observer and a thinker. My reflections on daily experiences serve as inspiration for my own writing.

Expression, however, is not limited to words on paper. So I have sought to learn the fundamentals of such fields as photography, computer programming, and design. I have tried my hand at music, from marching years ago in my high school band to playing the bass guitar in my garage. But above all, I have learned to take pride in the completion of products—a carefully edited album to share with my family, an easy-to-use website to advertise an organization, a homegrown computer game to play with distant friends, a custom database to help run a business.

All projects, no matter the size, require careful management. Throughout all of my endeavors, I have focused on helping those around me (colleagues, students, friends, family) meet their expectations, whether these be objectives, deadlines, budgets, etc.

There are many ways to leave one’s mark. My goal is to continue discovering all that I can create, both personally and as part of a team, and to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to communicate and instantiate their ideas and passions.