How to Install Windows and Linux on a Mac (Including 2018 mini)

So let’s be clear: I think macOS is a pretty good operating system. But I’m not going to be a zealot about it.

My philosophy is that you use whichever tool is best for the job at any given moment. When I’m editing yearbook spreads, I prefer to use Adobe InDesign in macOS. If I were a gamer, I’d probably want to be running Steam in Windows. And when I’m messing around with a Raspberry Pi, I find it much easier to use Linux since it can natively read and write to the Ext4 filesystem.

Rather than choose which OS to install, I love the idea of choosing which OS to use. For this reason, I’ve created dual-boot and sometimes triple-boot setups on most machines that I’ve built or owned.

Getting this setup to work on my current Mac was a bit more challenging, so I’ve created this tutorial to help anyone else who might be interested. Please browse the parts below to get started.

  1. Materials [New!]
  2. Installing Windows 10 [New!]

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How to Digitize Your Old Home Movies on a Mac

This is a three-part series. In the first post, I’ll discuss the equipment and other considerations necessary for converting old home movies into digital videos on a modern-day Mac computer. I’ll also share what I decided to buy for the project and why.

Part 2 will explain how to do the initial conversion using my particular setup. And Part 3 will walk you through the process I used to clean up the captured footage.

  1. Equipment and Considerations
  2. Doing the Video Conversion
  3. Cleaning Up the Captured Footage

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